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5 months ago

One trend I've noted in coding interviews (Go look on YouTube for "Interviewing.io technical interview") is that most of them involve asking the interviewee to code some algorithm by hand. By hand meaning that languages such as Java and Python often provide algorithms but the interviewee is asked to not use those and instead to write their own.

This is what C pretty much always does since it does not have many built-in data structures. So I wanted to highlight that C is a great language to learn for practicing writing your own hashtables, maps, and string functions. It can be a bit daunting when trying to code practical high level apps in C but for interview practice, it's really a great language because it has no training wheels and forces you to think algorithmically.

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Nice short article, I agree with the C thing. However I have a question, is this article aimed towards the interviewers or the interviewee? Also, I doubt that someone will ask you to implement the algorithm in C if their projects are written in Java or Python. He just needs to clarify that you must not use already written algorithms from libraries or whatever.

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Browser extension developer

Okay, I get what you are saying. I agree.